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The Czech - Irish Defence & Security Forum
Meeting in Dublin on 
Tuesday, 24th October 2023

Stephen's Green Club
St Stephen's Green,
D02 C891

A Forum for Czech - Irish Industrial Collaboration.

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9.00am  - 2.00pm 

Registration / Light Breakfast
9.00am - 9.30am

Opening Address 
9.30am - 10.00am

Mr. Filip Vurm - Chargé D'Affaires Embassy of the Czech Republic

Mr. Michal Rendla - Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Mr. Philip Mudge - Research Technology and Innovation Unit, National Focal Point for the European Defence Fund - Department of Defence Ireland 

Panels will be moderated by Mr. Declan Power- security analyst and author of siege of Jadotville

Panel Discussion 1: 
Land Defence 
10.00am - 10.30am

Mr. Marek Spok - VOP
Ms. Alena Mladkova - SVOS
Mr. Brendan Foley - Timoney Technologies
Mr. Andrej Furin - Česká zbrojovka


Panel Discussion 2: CBRN & Detection
10.30am- 11.00am 
Mr. Michal Vodrazka - Grant Detection
Ms. Michaela Barinova - Ego Zlin
Mr. Ray Lane - Aquila Bioscience 

Coffee & Networking 
11.00am - 11.30am

Panel Discussion 3: Air Domain
11.30am - 12.10am 
Mr. Jiri Vanourek - ERA
Ms. Bohdana Hordynska - Aero 
Mr. Antonin Kovacz - CSG Airospace 

Mr. Niall Campion - VRAI
Mr. Marek Polcak - Vrgineers

Defence Associations Address & MOU Signing
12.10pm - 12.30pm 

Mr. Jiří Hynek
- President of the Defence and Security Association of the Czech Republic

Mr Pat O' Connor - Chairman of the Irish Defence and Security Association 

12.30 - 2.00pm  

aero logo.png

Aviation Excellence since 1919

Aero is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the Czech Republic, and the largest jet trainer manufacturer in the world. 

Specs Highlights: L-39NG

Aircraft weight: 3280 kg

Max takeoff weight: 5600 kg

Service Life: 15000 FH

Max payload: 1350 kg

Max speed: 907 km/h

Range: 1900km

Endurance: 3hr 45min

Max thrust: 16,86 kN

Max G-load limit: +8/-4 G


Next-Generation Radar

ERA is a pioneering company in the area of multilateration and surveillance technology. Their solutions are used for military and civil purposes, particularly for air traffic control and tracking. They have a rich history in passive surveillance sensor development. Reference in Ireland is Dublin Airport with IAA. 

Specifications Highlights:

Surveillance area:  up to 400- 700 km

Surveillance field of view: 360° by rotation

Targets: Up to 10,000

Real time tracks: At least 200

Training: Full scale training provided by former military operators


Technical Secification - Download

Irish Airport Authority - Reference Download 


Modernisation, repair and manufacturer

VOP is a state enterprise primarily involved in the repair, modernization, and manufacturing of military equipment for the Czech Army. Their activities range from repair and maintenance of tanks and armored vehicles to the development and production of new technology.


Grant Detection is a manufacturer of handheld detector which utilizes heartbeat detection to identify living organisms like people and animals in vehicles, primarily aimed at security forces, logistics companies, and law enforcement. Its innovative technology enables quick and easy operation, making it suitable for various checkpoints and patrols, without harming the environment or human health.

  1. Ultimate Safety, One Device: The MMD01 handheld detector is your all-in-one solution for detecting living organisms in vehicles.

  2. Trusted by the Experts: Designed for national and private security forces, logistics companies, and correctional facilities, ensuring the highest standards are met.

  3. Unmatched Versatility: Whether it’s cars, trucks, or shipping containers, MMD01 offers reliable inspection for a wide range of vehicles.

  4. Innovative Technology: Utilizing groundbreaking heartbeat detection technology, the MMD01 is at the forefront of security solutions.

  5. User-Friendly: Operable by a single individual, MMD01 is as user-friendly as it gets.

  6. Speed and Efficiency: Get results within 30 seconds, ensuring quick throughput at checkpoints and borders.

  7. Ultimate Portability: Small in size but big in capabilities, the MMD01 can be part of any mobile checkpoint or patrol unit's standard equipment.

  8. Always On, Always Ready: Operate 24/7 with dual power options—connect to a standard 230 V outlet or simply plug it into a car socket.

  9. Environmentally Conscious: Our technology has zero negative impact on the environment and is completely safe for human health.

  10. A Smart Investment: Protecting your operations is not just about preventing risks; it's about positioning your organization as a leader in security and safety.

svos logo.jpg

Leader in armoured vehicles

SVOS has a long legecy of manufacturering armoured vehicles and armoured vehicles for military, police and commercial use.

SVOS vehicles are in operation in over 60 countries. 

Download Brochure 


For those who know

Discover Ceská zbrojovka: Where Czech precision meets firearm excellence. Trusted by law enforcement and military worldwide for unmatched reliability and innovation.

Military Engagements

  • Originally founded to produce military small arms and has maintained strong ties with defense organizations globally.

  • The CZ 805 Bren and newer CZ BREN 2 series rifles have been adopted by the Czech Army and other military units.

  • A variety of CZ pistols, such as the CZ 75 and its variants, have been used by military organizations around the world.


  • Famous for the M1911 pistol, which has been used by the U.S. military since World War I.

  • Produced the M16 rifle and its civilian counterpart, the AR-15, which have been standard issue in the U.S. military.

Ego zlin logo.png

Ego Zlin specializes in biological protection, logistics, decontamination systems, and patient care, particularly focusing on disaster medicine research and development. Investing heavily in this sector, EGO Zlín actively gathers feedback through international events both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Their mission emphasizes enhancing public safety and protection against crises that threaten lives and have socio-economic repercussions. Drawing on its vast experience, the company offers top-tier Czech products, comprehensive solutions, and consulting tailored to specific needs.


Czechoslovak Group (CSG) is a holding company that continues the tradition of Czechoslovak industry. It supports the development of traditional Czech, Slovak and foreign companies engaged in defence and civil industrial production and trade. Over 10,000 employees work in the companies included in the CSG holding.



The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ireland Presents the expert speakers at the CZ-IE Defence Partnership Forum. This is an open forum for questions and answers. 

Image by Jan Valečka

Czech Defence Industry

Example of EDF-funded projects that companies from the Czech Republic and Ireland could participate in

European Parliament



This project aims to develop a European medium-altitude, long-endurance drone for use in surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Companies from both countries that have expertise in drone technology and systems integration could participate in the project.


Maritime Awareness

This project focuses on developing technologies to improve maritime situational awareness and enable better coordination between naval forces. Companies from both countries that have expertise in areas such as radar systems, communications, and data analytics could participate in the project.


Peacekeeping Vehicles

The development and production of armoured vehicles for peacekeeping missions is an area where the Czech Republic and Ireland could collaborate with a third country partner to develop and produce new technologies and capabilities for peacekeeping forces.

Czech- Irish Industrial Opportunties

The potential areas of defense industrial cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ireland include cybersecurity, aerospace and defense electronics, unmanned aerial systems, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of military equipment, and training and simulation. Both countries have expertise and capabilities in these areas, and joint development, information sharing, and training programs could be explored. The specific areas of cooperation would depend on the needs and opportunities for collaboration between the two countries.

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